How to Print Text Messages from iPhone or iPad.

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In today’s era, the text messages and IMessages have gained enough importance since the rule has passed in courts, that print media (text messages) will be acceptable so far as evidence against criminal or civil litigation. It is often easy to take backups of chats and messages but here we will be sharing the methods of how to Print Text Messages from iPhone or iPad.

It covers the tool that enables you to print the text messages in hand, including sent messages, received messages along with name and number of recipient and sender. Not just this but all the images and emoji also can be printed. On the other hand, there are tools that allow you to save your chat as a PDF file or other document in our PC or laptop.

Questions of consideration.

  • The article is answering all the questions as follow.
  • How will be the text messages get downloaded?
  • How will the text messages from the iPhone be copied?
  • Lastly, how to print the messages from iPhone?
  • How to Print Text Messages and Whatsapp Messages from iPhone or IPad

Although backup of chats and messages is a good idea the trend is getting change towards the printing. This started happens since many countries have allowed accepting the print text messages from the iPhone for the court Proceeding. This article is covering different methods to save the whole conversation in the print form. We will describe one by one.

  1. Print text Messages from iPhone or IPad via Screenshots

This is a simple way to get the char printed. You just take the screenshots of chat, this process includes the minor details as well, like details of timings, sender’s name, and sender’s contact number. These details are crucial for court processing as well as trial proceeding.

  • Gather the data and print it out via AirPrint Printer. The steps are as follow
  • Open the chat that you want to print
  • Press power and home button at a time, to get the screenshot.
  • Save the screenshot in the gallery and click the done.
  • Go to the gallery and select the image, screenshot, you want to print.
  • Hold it for second until you get the option of print. Select the print option and get your media.
  • Otherwise, you can send these screenshots to your mail and then get them printed via PC.
  1. Print text Messages from iPhone or IPad via Email or simply Mail App

As compared to the method mentioned above, this is a bit tiring method. In this method, you are required to select the message one by one and then send it by using the mail app or email. These type of evidence does not give much importance as they do not show the sender’s details, like timings, name and contact number. So this is the drawback of this method.

For following the method the steps are mentioned as below

  • Go to the messages and then open the conversation you want to print.
  • Hold the message you want to print. Select the multiple messages and copy them.
  • Go the iOS mail app or email. Select the compose or new mail option and paste the copied sms over here.
  • Open email account from a computer and print the messages.

Well, this is the method via mail but giving an honest opinion I will not recommend this as it is a tiring and slow procedure.

  1. Print text Messages from iPhone or IPad via iPhone Third-Party Software

The above-mentioned methods are for the conversations that are short, but if you want to get the print of long texts or long conversation the Third Party iPhone software will help you.

Using this iPhone data transfer software will help you in saving the whole conversation in one go. The text messages can be saved in the form of PDF files and HTML. The software is reliable and easy to use. It does not harm your device.  There is a variety of such software like iMazing, AnyTrans, TouchCopy and MobiMover.

TouchCopy is the tool that enables the printing of messages as well as the MMS, Images, and emoji.

Here we are guiding you according to the AnyTrans software. Follow the steps as described below.

  • Download AnyTrans firstly, on your device. After installing the App, go to the homepage and select the messaged option.
  • Go to the setting. Here you will have different choices of formatting. Select any option, Text, PF or HTML according to your need and preferences.
  • Before saving the settings, make it sure that you have selected an Export Path
  • On the left side, you will be c=having an option of contacts. Select the desired contact from here.
  • Click on the PC or Mac to export the chat or conversation on to your PC
  • Open the file and see the messages that you selected.
  • Connect the printer with your PC and get the Printout.

This is all about how can text messages get printed from iPhone or IPad. For more informative content visit our site. In case of further assistance, you can contact us in the below section. We will reach you soon. Stay connected with us.

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