How to Fix The Steam Content File Locked Error- 4 Best Solutions

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You often updated your content file for the gamming. So did you face any error on steam while updating the content file? If yes then you are at the right place to fix that issue. Here is today’s article, we are covering the topic which will help you to fix the steam content file locked error. You may find this error when you try to update the content file. This error will show up when you try to play the games on your PC. So we are giving the solution today. Give a read to fix the issue.

The issue may not be resolved by one way or one solution so here we are adding 4 solutions to resolve the content file locked error on steam. Give a try to the other methods if you still find an issue after following one method. Follow the given troubleshooting steps to fix your PC issue. Before starting the main topic we will give you a brief knowledge about what does content file locked on the steam mean.

What Does Content File Locked on Steam Mean?

This simply means that steam cannot update the file on the hard disk and cannot write it over there. It happens hat steam updates itself overtimes. But sometimes the users have complained that their PC’s steam has been paused and is not updating anymore. You may find different errors for different games but this steam content file error is not restricted to a specific game only. It can appear in any game. To assist you, here we are adding the solutions to fix that steam content file locked error issue. You do not need to panic about this anymore. Just allow the methods and their steps one by one.
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How to Fix The Steam Content File Locked Error issue?

Without taking your extra time we are up with the solutions of fixing content file error issue. See the solutions

Solution 1- Find the Corrupt File and Fix it

It is a natural method. If a patient goes to a doctor, he first finds the disease and then takes measures to cure that disease. We will do the same. Before going to the treatment find exactly where the issue is. Or what is causing the main problem. To quickly recover the content file locked issue, go to the library and find what is missing there and which file has got corrupt. On finding the faulty files, put them on re-downloading. For doing this follow the given steps.

  • Leave the steam and make a turn to the steam directory. You will have this on the default path which is as follow C: / Program Files (x86) / Steam
  • Then move to the logos folder and open the txt
  • Scroll down the text file completely and find out where the error exists
  • The go-to the Roof Folder of a mod. Here you may find war hammer mods and civilization mods
  • After doing these, start the steam again and visit the download folder. Here steam will be popping up the question about updating the games. Download and update the games which you want to. And now you will be safe to go with the steam.

Solution 2- Reset the Winsock

As we have mentioned before that steam content locked error occurs due to the failure of the update. So if the above solution does not fix the problem then try to reset the Winsock catalog. It will help you to set the steam. Just simply switch the settings of the Winsock to the default settings and you will be done. For the reset of the Winsock follow the steps.

  • Press window + r and type cmd to run the command as an administrator
  • A black screen will appear in front of you, here type the command netsh Winsock reset and press enter key to proceed.
  • After you complete the demand, restart your computer and you will find the issue fixed.

 Solution 3- Relocate the steam installation and Game files

If after applying the two methods, which are mentioned above, do not work for you then go with this option. This will fix the issue. The resolving solution is ivied into two parts, first is to relocate the steam installation and games file. It will fix the steam error, but if you find trouble in updating then the other one is to reinstall the steam to fix the content file locked error on steam.

  • Visit the steam client and then open the settings.
  • Go to the downloads and then open the steam library folder
  • Go to the option of Add library folder and here select the path for the steam. Choose the path wisely, where you want to locate the steam.
  • Here you can add other paths for the installation to take place.
  • After setting the paths move to the folder where you set the path for the steam. Simply go to the steam on your existing set path.
  • Once you are done, exit the steam file.
  • Now again, browse to default steam directory by navigating through the common path C: \ Program Files \ Steam.
  • Delete all the folders except exe. And other important files like steam apps and User Data Folders.
  • Cut all the folders and then place them on the new directory which you selected.
  • Launch the steam again and the re-login it

If during this process you find any issue or error then you have to reinstall the steam by following the given steps.

  • Exist the steam and then visit the location where you located the steam folder
  • Change the location of the steam apps folder. Place it on the desktop
  • Uninstall the steam and then reinstall the steam on your PC at the initial location that you selected
  • Place the steam app in the new steam directory again. It will automatically copy all of your save content and games to the new steam directory.
  • Launch it again and then lastly, verify the probity of your steam game.
  • Now you can play games of your own choice.

Solution 4- handicap or disable the Anti-Virus software.

Here is the last option you can go with, to fix your steam error issue. It happens that many anti-virus software does not recognize the steam and named as a virus program. And then it tries to remove this immediately. When it removes the steam, it faces the many vital Updates failures which in return cause the steam content file locked error. At this point, you need to disable the antivirus software before updating steam o your PC

  • To verify the integrity of the game files, follow the mentioned steps as below.
  • Start your PC again and then launch the steam on it once again
  • Browse to the library section and find out the game which is creating problem to your file.
  • Check on its properties by clicking over the option of properties and then select the local file tabs
  • Here you will find an option named as verifies the game integrity. Select this option
  • Within no time, steam will verify the game and the steam content file locked error will be no longer. It will clear out the issue.

Check if you are on Kaspersky security then browse to the ‘threads and exclusions. Then head over to the trusted zone and then add the steam.exe as trusted software. After doing this keep in mind before leaving the changes do not try to scan the open file and do not restrict the application.

This was all about how you can fix the content file locked error on the steam. I hope you have resolved this issue. Share your experience and give us recommendations. You can use the given methods ad steps if you are finding an error on Garry’s mod. The pattern and methods are the same. If you find this helpful, share this article with your friends and family and helo us to grow. Give comments in the below section and for more knowledgeable content visit our site. Here we have published a more informative article for you. Thank you for your time! stay tuned and updated with us.

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