Microsoft 70-410 Exam as the First Step in Earning MCSA Complete Guide

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Microsoft is an integral part of the work environment. As a matter of fact, Windows is the most
well-known OS in the world and Microsoft Server is regarded as the industry standard. Being an
IT professional with the skills and knowledge in the domain of Microsoft is a great way to propel
your career in the right direction. For the individuals planning to specialize in Microsoft
solutions, getting knowledge in installing, managing, configuring, and designing Microsoft
systems and products should be a requirement. If you want to earn a credential from this
company, it is very crucial to learn all about its products and validate your skills.

MCSA is one of the certification paths that a Microsoft Visit Website specialist has to follow in the
course of his/her career. It is an associate-level track designed to evaluate the technical skills
and product knowledge of the applicants. There are different certificates in MCSA, and the
specialists can choose the specific option that best fits their job responsibilities and roles. To
earn MCSA: Windows Server 2012, one will need to pass the Microsoft 70-410 exam together
with two more. As for this test, there are no official prerequisites. However, it is recommended
that the students have a minimum of one year of experience with the technology before
pursuing any MCSA credential.

A brief overview of Microsoft 70-410 certification exam

Microsoft 70-410, Installing & Configuring Windows Server 2012, is one of the three exams that
a candidate has to pass in order to earn the MCSAcredential. It evaluates one’s knowledge and
skills in the fundamentals of installation and configuration of WS 2012. This includes the
following features: Active Directory & Group Policy, core network services, and Hyper-V. Bypassing this certification test, you demonstrate your expertise in configuring the Windows
Server 2012 environment.

Preparation tips for Microsoft 70-410 certification exam

When it comes to preparing for any IT exam, there are specific options that will help you make
the best of your study and guarantee your success. In this certification guide, we will explore
some of the top tips that you need to incorporate into your preparation to ensure you pass the
Microsoft 70-410 test at your first attempt.

  • Use appropriate resource platforms and study materials

As for the exam preparation process, trustworthy websites with various types of study materials
are very critical for your success. You have to be deliberate in your choice. For a good start, go
through the Microsoftwebpage to read the details related to the technical skills that will be
measured during the 70-410 test. After this, visit the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) to
explore various resources available on the technology domain. You will find a wide array of
presentations, videos, and many others on different Microsoft technologies. The great thing is
that these materials are free. In addition to the MVA, it is recommended that the students take
a training course. It will help them to immerse themselves in the content of the certification
exam. There are different options of training courses: instructor-led and self-paced online
training. Depending on your availability and work schedule, you can choose the best variant
that will be great for you. Moreover, you can visit the Prepaway platform to find out the best
training courses for Microsoft 70-410 that you can buy and take.

  • Download a Windows Server trial version

To get a good understanding of the exam content, it is recommended that you have hands-on
experience with the Microsoft software. The best way to do this is work on WS2012 R2 and
understand the installation and configuration process. You can easily download the trial version
of the software to prepare for Microsoft 70-410. It is available for 180 days from the day of
download. This is enough time for you to prepare. With this preparation tool, you will learn all
about the components of the software and get invaluable knowledge working with different

  •  Set up a Windows Server lab for practice

You can gain immense skills and knowledge with practice labs. If you don’t have much
experience working with the Microsoft software, you can develop competence working with
Windows Server 2012 in a secure environment. You will develop practical experience relevant
to the specific real-world work environment while developing competence. There are various
platforms that offer the Windows Server practice lab for Microsoft 70-410.

  • Take up-to-date practice tests

To get an idea of the exam format and pattern, it is highly recommended that the students take
different full-length practice tests for Microsoft 70-410. By taking them, you can hone your time
management skills. You will also get familiar with the format of questions, which will help you
develop the required competence. It is also designed to help you identify any knowledge gap
that you will be able to close on time. One of the excellent platforms with updated practice tests
and other great study materials for any exam is Prepaway.
Final thoughts

To sum it all up, it is recommended that you get all the required knowledge about Microsoft 70-
410 by surfing through the official website and clicking the links that you can find there. Then
you should develop a study plan with all the materials that you have and gain knowledge and
skills that will help you in the future. After passing the 70-410 certification exam, you will need
to sit for two more tests, but it will be much easier for you because you will know what to do
and how.

Do not forget to use a revision guide for your study. With one at your fingertips, you can easily
structure your preparation in a suitable learning pattern. The study tutorial is designed to help
you extensively learn the exam topics and break down each of the components into
manageable bits that are easy to understand. The officially recommended guide for this
certification test is Exam Ref 70-410: Installing & Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 authored
by Craig Zacker. There is also the complete book authored by William Panek, which is designed
to help the learners work through the three tests for the MCSA: Windows Server 2012

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