XAPK Installer APK Download – Features & Guidelines

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Google store might be all things good but when it comes to the geographical limitations, it has a lot of it. But if we look at the bigger picture, this is not the mistake of the Android developers because they set the usage limit to only selected and limited countries. This is the reason which caused people to go for the APK as they are free of all those geographical limitations. When someone downloads the APK and the file is too big, it compressed into a little file known as XAPK. VAPK is not the old thing as it was launched recently and has caused a problem for the people as not everyone knows how to uncompress the file. Well, you do not even have to because there are many XAPK file installers out there in the market. If you think that this is something you have been looking for, you have come to the right place as we are talking about the XAPK Installer Download – Features & Guidelines in this article!

But before we move on to the functioning and other things, let’s have a little overview. XAPK is just like any other APK but the only difference is that it has some other capitals such as .obb files. These XAPK files need to be installed manually and if you don’t want to do it manually, you have got to have an XAPK installer which we are going to talk about next. When we are doing it manually, it requires the users to first unzip the file and then change the location of the extracted file. The process is complex and that is why we recommend using an XAPK Installer.

XAPK Installer Features

In this section, we have added the features of XAPK Installer which you will be getting by downloading this application. So, just say goodbye to the unzipping because there I no need to do that anymore. Have a look at the features!

  • With this application, users will be able to preview as well as scan all the apk files on the mobile phone
  • With this application, users will be able to delete or install any APK along with the XAPK automatically with no manual processes
  • Users are able to download the APK and applications with geographical restrictions
  • With this application, there are no security threats to the phone because you agree to the terms and conditions before using it
  • If you don’t want to download some APK file anymore, you can easily resume the function through the pause button

How To Install the XAPK File Through Installer

In this section, we have provided the complete installation guide allowing the users to get their hands on the XAPK file applications. So, have a look at the procedure and follow it!

  1. In order to start off the procedure, download the XAPK file which you desire of
  2. Once it is download, long press on the website, rename it to .zip from .xapk to change the format
  3. Then, you need to create the folder for the game
  4. Close this application and launch Google Store and search for the install RAR
  5. Download it and run it on your phone
  6. Now, open the file manager and locate the renamed file
  7. Once you find it, click on the extraction button and from there, choose the browser button to keep the broken files and hit the ok button
  8. By doing this, you are starting off the extraction
  9. Once the extraction is complete, scan for your file and APK and copy it
  10. Then, paste it in the OBB of the internet storage tab and done!
  11. You can easily enjoy the application


This was all about XAPK Installer Download – Features & Guidelines and we hope that it helped you to the best. If you still need any more information, comment down below and our team shall get back to you for helping you out. If the article helped, give us a thumb up and share it with your friends and family. Thank you!

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