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Everyone likes to watch movies and other TV shows but not everyone has enough time to sit at multicomplex to see their favorite programs. Cutting the long story short and coming to the point, here we are introducing an app for all the android users that can give access to nearly all programs and TV shows. Download Crowns VOD Pro-APK App to watch your favorite dramas, programs, movies and talk shows in your free time. You may have heard about many other applications and rescue you from keep sitting at one place just to enjoy your favorite program, crowns lite is from one of those.

Crowns VOD Lite Pro APK – Download Free For Your Smartphones and Tabs

Crowns VOD Pro APK

Why Choose Crowns Lite Application?

You might be wondering that multiple applications can be used to watch programs or TV shows on them but why we are focusing on and highlighting this Crowns application. He reason behind this is, all the applications that you can use have some restrictions to specific channels plus there are some of the programs and shows that are not available on those apps. Crowns appl can take you out from all those worries. Have a look at the pros of Crowns:

  • It has three sections names TV, Series, and Movies
  • The series sections open access to all the serials that are not available on any other application.

Now, before going to downloading and installation, we would like o share some more prominent features of Crowns Lite APK application.

Features of CRowns VOD PRO App

Look at the wonderful features that crown posses.

  • Low weight

people are always concerned about the application that they are using. because they have a fear inside that this app may pause the processing of their cell phones and can put them in hanging mode. You may have the same thoughts in your mind regarding this crowns’ application. but do not fret anymore because the crown is a lightweight application that does not bother or interrupt your phone processor.

  • Sort Your Favorite Content

The application boasts all the filters to live you the best content of your choice. It has filters like name, year, IMDB, genres.

  • Choose your playback

Well, you may get an inbuilt player in other applications as well but this app gives you an option to select or chooses your player for the playback.

  • No Hampering in Poor Connections

I hate it when the internet connection gets interrupted and as a result, it disturbs the movies. But with this application, I am free of this tension. The Crowns application allows you to watch your movies and shows even on slow internet and interestingly it does not hamper.

  • Download your movies

Download Your Movie

Oh so you want to pass your time in a bus or other laces but you are worried because of no internet access? You do not need to take tension about it. With the application of the crown, you can download your movies and shows that you want to see and save them in an application. These downloads can be played later on even without an internet connection.

  • Search for your favorite movie

This application has a special search bar that gives you an option to search your favorite movie or show without any difficulty.

All the features that are mentioned above are really hard to find in one single application. But crown lite pro has gathered all these specifications for you. So o not waste your time and get this application on your phones.

Steps To Install Lite App on Your Devices

We will instruct you properly on how you can download and install this application on your smartphones. But before going to these steps please note that this application works only on the Android 4.0 version or the latest versions. Just stay with us and give a read to this article.

As Crowns VOD Pro-APK App is a third party application then follow the navigation track as…

  • Go to the settings first, and then click on the security of your android device.
  • Toggle on the unknown source.
    Steps To Install Lite App on Your Devices
  • Visit the app store and start downloading the application of the crown
  • Once you are done with the downloading open the app to install it on your device

Steps To Install Lite App on Your Devices

  • Here you will get a popup window asking you to give access to crowns app for proper functioning. Please click on OK to give access.

Steps To Install Lite App on Your Devices-4

  • The installation process will begin and after some time you will get this app activated on your device

Steps To Install Lite App on Your Devices-4

Advantages and Disadvantages Of This Application: 

Bein honest and realistic we would like to share all the pros and cons of this application with you. This is a fact that everything has some advantages and some disadvantages attache to it so here we are sharing the pros and cons. Have a look!


  • Crowns lite pro allows you to download your desired programs and shows in a good quality picture. You can save movies, shows, and serials to watch them offline.
  • As compared to another streaming app all the videos and movies that you fin on this crowns app will be of good quality.
  • There is a high and mazing collection
  • You can add multiple filters to access your desired content
  • It gives you options for resolutions as well you can choose the one that suits you more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of this Application

  • This is the best alternative application to Showbox


  • It works only on android 4.0 version or the late ones
  • It is not compatible with all the smartphones and devices
  • For Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV we need mouse toggle to run this app smoothly and efficiently.

This was about a famous and popular application that allows us to watch our favorite programs and movies anywhere. Now relax and Download Crowns VOD Pro-APK App on your smartphones to enjoy your favorites. Consider all the pros and cons and if you find this app compatible with your device then do not waste time to get this.

For any query or question go ahead, write in the comment section and let us know. We will feel the pleasure to help you with the best we can. You will get your answer soon. Till then stay connected and tuned with us.

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