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Whatsapp and Facebook are the apps that give you the option of downloading pictures and images, but our Instagram users are restricted to this. For downloading from Instagram we are introducing a very lightweight Instagram Image downloader that keeps the data and downloads the desired picture and images. You are required Instagram user idea to catch the data that you want to download.

In this webpage, today we are sharing a lightweight app, Instagram Image Downloader that makes downloading from Instagram easy and effective.

Introduction of Instagram Image Downloader

Well, Instagram is a popular social app at which people share their stories, and images, and videos. But the only drawback is, despite its popularity, Instagram has no downloader of its own. You cannot download the images. To resolve this issue a third party app was introduced named as Instagram Downloader, the Instagram downloader is good but it does not download the image itself. It downloads the text file along with the URL along which that image belongs and then the downloaded image takes you to the original image. This is a batch URL downloader that only gives you a text file. Then the copied URL gets paste in the download manager and actual pictures get the download on your PC.

How to download images from Instagram Image Downloader

Once you download the Instagram downloader, you will have a search option right on the home screen. Here you can search which picture you are looking for, or whose picture you want to get. Then you enter the user name and becomes able to download the Instagram user’s photo.

Price of Instagram Image Downloader

There are both the free and paid version of Instagram downloader, the free version is good but not have that much-advanced features for more effective downloading.

The paid version of Instagram downloader costs you 9.95$

Features of Instagram Image downloader

The Instagram downloader is getting famous because it makes the easy approach to the original picture. Not just this but it has its own image downloader an available for free.

  • The Instagram Downloader catches the text file along with the URL
  • It has its own download manager
  • Efficient and easy in use
  • Require the user name from where you want to download the image
  • Easy to carry an understand
  • Smooth in use
  • Free download available.

Negative aspects of Instagram Image Downloader

Although the Instagram downloader works best sometimes this statement goes wrong. Like other things it also has some drawbacks. Sometimes the file does not respond the way we expect from this. The description proves to be wrong sometimes when it gets unpractical.

  • The first negative side is that it does preview the photos of private Instagram accounts. It does not have that much approach.
  • Secondly, it does not let you download the live pictures and images

Download Instagram Image downloader for Free

Other than the negative aspects described above, still it is an efficient Instagram image downloader that really works. Only sometimes it creates a hassle. Download the Instagram Downloader to keep the data, Images, Pictures on your PC.

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