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Duplicate File Detective Download For Free Full Version [Latest]


Are you at low disc space on your PC but, you need to save some more files on PC hard drive? We usually have various duplicate files in our hard drive that covers a lot of disc space. We can create a space on our hard drive by eliminating those files. The matter is how could we find those similar files or delete them for having enough disc space. In this article, i am going to tell you the solution to this problem by introducing a superb application known as Duplicate File Detective. It is a most popular application for detecting similar files on your hard drive.


Duplicate file detective is a similar files detector tool that helps you to delete unwanted files especially duplicate files that covers a lot of space. It is a superb application with amazing features. It is quite quick and easy to use. It does a content analysis by using advanced technology that will help you to detect the same file although it is not present with the same name.

The latest version of this software is quite astounding with many improvements. Firstly it is compatible with Windows 10. It is capable of saving and reloading global program settings to form a file. It added logging mechanism to the Duplicate file manager dialog that allows users to log delete, move and, zip operations. In this version, data based search filters are now automatically adjusted. Users can specify the folder for saving similar files. Overall this software is quite useful and worth experiencing.

Features Duplicate File Detective:

  • Find exact duplicates.
  • It provides users with compelling file hash catching technology.
  • It allows you to delete empty folders.
  • Through audio track extraction analysis, you can delete duplicate audios as well.
  • It is fully customizable, easy-to-use ribbon bar interface
  • It supports the high resolution also offer some light and dark themes.
  • It has attractive users interface.
  • It allows you to load and save the entire project with ease.
  • It enables users to set their task schedule that will give you a duplicate file report on a recurring basis.
  • It also gives a duplicate file owner reports.

Duplicate files Detective file details:

License: Trial / Paid

OS: Windows 10/7/XP

Language: English

Version: 6

File Size: 13.7MB

How To Download:

You can easily download this software by clicking the button below or from an online link present on an official website. Do not worry about malware because the website is free from all kind of viruses.

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