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Memories are always captured in the pictures and everyone wants to make its picture look amazingly beautiful. For this purpose, to enhance the picture look, they go for different Photoshop alternatives. Ell here we have added the details about the best out of best Photoshop alternatives. Download Photoshop alternatives of your own choice. In my opinion, a Photoshop alternative must have more features, not just a red-eyed tool.

By photoshop we mean photo editing but it is not just limited to this meaning. It is much more than editing, it is a brand that has owned a verb ‘to photoshop’ for the fantastic editing of the pictures. Here we have added the briefings about best photoshop editors you can download photoshop alternatives that you find more competent for yourself.

Affinity Photo

It is cheaper than the photoshop and it does not require any subscription. It has aimed for professional and designer photography. It gives compatibility with photoshop and some other files formats as well.

Well, they have assured the highest speed without interruption and free of crashes, but practically, the speed is dependent on the equipment you are using.

Availability: on Mac and window

Price: £48.99/$49.99 (one-off payment)


It is the professional app that has graphics for professional editing. With this, you can just blow the life in the picture. It gives you the liberty to improve or develop the new graphics. The developers have designed this with the flexibility features. It supports the vector shapes and zooming so that you can retain or maintain the perfect resolution.

Features: it has different features like gradient, color picker, incredible layers, etc.

This is for those who are looking to have the vector graphics editor that keeps the resolution strong and perfect.

Availability on: Mac

Price: $99/year or try it for free


First of all, it is the highest rated alternative suggested by the people in creative editing and online forums. Moreover, it is the one having as many options as the photoshop can afford. This is a rich alternative. It has similarity with the photoshop, like its toolbar alignment is the same as the arrangement of Photoshop’s toolbar. It has features of Slice bar as well. The app is designed with a dark background, but if you want you can have different color schemes.

Availability: Windows, Mac, OS, Linux

Price: Free; optional paid version available to support developers

Positive Aspects:

  • It is provided with rich templates for different projects
  • You can add many effects if you want to
  • Guides and rulers support is also available

Negative aspects:

  • There is no camera Raw filter


GIMP is very much rich in the program of imaged manipulation. It is one of the tops most recommended alternative of Photoshop as it owns the tools that are alike with the tools of Photoshop. But I don’t like it because of some problems of sharing the same settings for different brushes. It does not allow you to draw in the editing. By the way, it will be the best choice for those who are looking forward to the free Photoshop alternative, in the market.

Positive aspects:

The positive aspects that this alternative owns are as follow;

  • It has the history bar
  • It provides the rulers and guides supports
  • It has support for the image slicing as well
  • It has different blending modes

Negative aspects;

  • Same setting for the different brushes
  • The weird text toolbar
  • There is no camera RAW filter
  • You will face difficulty in finding the tools.

It supports the following files:

PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIF, and more.

Availability: Windows, Mac, OS, Linux

Price: it is a free alternative

Pixelmator Pro

This editor Pixelmator is there in the market for so long, but recently the developers added the version named the Pixelmator Pro that has advanced features of photo editing. All the old Pixelmator version were based on the floating windows but this, Pixelmator pro, goes with the single window UI. You can get the non-destructive picture with this software. This is so easy to handle and reliable to use. There is interface option added already, moreover, if you want to see your picture without the distraction there is another approach available for you that is ‘hidden interface’

It supports the full view, split view and is geared to move on the Mac

Availability on: Mac

Price: $39.99


The features of the Acorn includes the nondestructive filters, layers styles, curves and layers, and different blending options. This was introduced in the middle of 2007 when the artist demanded or the cheap and affordable alternative, but they also wanted the same quality offered by the parental photoshop.

This came with different features to satisfy the consumers. They have added the latest version Arcon 6 which shows the different clone tool across the images and the layers with transformation and new scale option

Availability on: Mac OS X

Price: $29.99

Sumo paint

Here we are geared with the most recommended free browser based photo editor, as the alternative of photoshop. It has all the expected features of desktop tools with perfect availability of utilization. It does not carry high position, means that it is a lightweight alternative which does not take so long to get the load.

Its free version is available and is very useful. Within its floating toolbar, you will find the all basic and compulsory features like brushes, shapes, slides, gradient, text, cloning a pencil, etc.

Positive aspects:

  • It can approach the documents of your hard drive easily
  • It is not just editing approach but you can make creative reading as well.

Negative aspects:

  • Some tools are not like the tools of photoshop adobe that will make the users down to use it because of the lack of compatibility.

Availability on: Browser or iPad

Price: Free (basic), $4/mo (Pro)


Next, we have the pixlr. This is the name you may have heard before many images. Well, the very first alternative that comes in the min just after the Adobe Photoshop is this, Pixlr. It has covered approximately 600 effects, layers and overlays. Basic tools like, whitening, removing red-eyed, cropping and resizing, etc are also available in this. It is very much similar to the photoshop that if you switch from the photoshop to the Pixlr you will not face any issue in the interface setting.

Positive aspects:

  • It can be used as a web app
  • It is applicable on androids an ios both
  • It is similar to photoshop, you can say it the first copy of photoshop
  • It owns basic tools as well

Negative aspect

  • It does not have a pen
  • No rulers and guides support
  • It is similar to photoshop but is not as much versatile as the photoshop is
  • There is a paywall to support some files like PDF, PSD, etc

Available on: iOS, Android, web app

Price: Free

Here comes the alternative that is window is a capable and very useful editor with the Microsoft version tool. Like there was a time when it was just an underground project but its perfection brought it to the alumni.

It offers you many approaches like blending and mixing the pixel, creative addition of colors, fake perspectives, tile and repeat selections and controlling resolution. This is not difficult to handle it is efficient in use. It is highly rich in effects and there is a larger range of tools, support layers and adjustments of light and contrasts and saturation.

Positive aspects

  • Larger range of the effects
  • Easy to handle
  • Supportive with many tools and adjustments

Negative aspects:

  • Contains ads

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