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Some photoshop alternatives give such fake appearance that it takes your image out of reality. but still, we have some better options that fill the image full of life. Here in this article, we are introducing Free alternative Pixlr Editor, for editing images, which is a small size file but performing the major advanced functions.. this is the one giving leverage to the users to use it in an effective way to make their image perfect, using different parameters of it.

Pixlr Editor Free Download:

Next, we have the pixlr. This is the name you may have heard before many images. Well, the very first alternative that comes in the min just after the Adobe Photoshop is this, Pixlr. It has covered approximately 600 effects, layers and overlays. Basic tools like, whitening, removing red-eyed, cropping and resizing, etc are also available in this. It is very much similar to the photoshop that if you switch from the photoshop to the Pixlr you will not face any issue in the interface setting.

Positive aspects of Pixlr editor:

  • It can be used as a web app
  • It is applicable on androids an ios both
  • It is similar to photoshop, you can say it the first copy of photoshop
  • It owns basic tools as well
  • the layers options are absolutely free

The negative aspect of Pixlr Editor:

  • It does not have a pen
  • No rulers and guides support
  • It is similar to photoshop but is not as much versatile as the photoshop is
  • There is a paywall to support some files like PDF, PSD, etc
  • there is no pen tool offered within the package

Available on: iOS, Android, web app

Price: Free

download this for free, the editor is super cool, presenting its advanced features as similar to the photoshop and GIMP. I hope you will enjoy it. so download it and make your images look real and lively.

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