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Total Finder Free Download Version 1.11.8 for Mac In today’s article, we are going to introduce you software that manages all your apps and folders and helps you to find what you are looking for. The software is an organizer that manages all the scattered things and files. Total finder is the finder containing features like adding on tabs, dual panel mode and bringing apps in a managed way on the top. We will discuss the most prominent features of Total Finder, Download Free Total finder version1.11.8 for Mac

Overview of Total finder version 1.11.8 for Mac

If you do not want to find things but wants to manage and organize them, then you are in the right place. Here you have total finder which manages the things in a while and brings the tabs on the top to make your access easy and approachable. With its outstanding features, it incorporated or add-on in the main finder application. It offers many powerful and strong upgrades over many other finder tools that are in the OS. Despite strong file-finding tool of MAC, many users were demanding for the finder application that will make the file browsing even easier. The plus point of the total finder is that you do not need to run this software separately, but it operates in the background silently once it gets installed.

What actually happens when you open the total finder, it replaces the icon of finer in the dock and makes your approach to the tools. When you want to make its processing stop, simply you can stop it by going to the taskbar.

The other most prominent significant it gives is that you can do multiple browsing at once, if you want to search for something new you do not need to separately open the tab manually or lose your current window and then search the item but simply you can add the tab in the previous one and make your search in process. For more natural arrangement, it has features for the dual panel. The total finder is just an add-on, it does not modify or interfere with the original finder but it brings some changes in the processing and tools. When you launch the totalfinder it changes the instance of the Finder (original).

Running a long file, you can show up the minimum toolbar in the below of the dock icon of the finder, where you will have the enable option. It gives you different pats and formats to select for your operation or processing. You can easily capture any path you want to. For this, you are required to follow just simple steps, click on the file or folder, select the copy path and then make the selection of the format you want the copied file to be on the clipboard.  Other than this, you have this option using the clipboard shortcut cut, copy or paste anything. This option carries a button for the edit operations. The new tabs will get added on the current window instead of opening into new tabs.

Features of Total Finder Version 1.11.8 for Mac

Here is the list of features that make it unique and appreciable. These are the features which total finder offers to its users. Have a look below to get the idea about what it gives and present to its customers.

  • The application is full of colors.
  • Application has an attractive loo with EI captain
  • It is not a dull application but gives an enhancing appearance to glam up.
  • Using this application, people can add to browsing tabs. Such browsing tabs ae get introduced by chrome in the snow leopard and by Apple in the Mavericks as well.
  • It has the most prominent feature of Dual panel which enables to open more than one window at a time without even losing the current window.
  • You do not need to manually go for separate tab.
  • It does not modify but changes the instance of the Finder
  • The shortcut button gives access to move the tabs around without using the mouse. You can cut, copy or paste any object with just one click.
  • It keeps the required files on the top and keeps them in an organized manner
  • It boggles the display of hidden files
  • The processor for this version must be of 64 bits
  • You can have the free trial of this version for 14 days only

System Requirements for the Total Finder:

The system must be compatible enough to hold and operate this total finder application.

  • OS X 10.11 or later

Summary of Total Finder Version 1.11.8 for Mac

This was about the latest total finder version 1.11.8 for Mac. With the hope that you have got information, what you were looking for, we are summarizing the content. The total finder is an add on that works silently once get installed, in the background. It does not interfere directly but makes some changes and with its best dual-panel feature, it allows the user to have multiple tabs in one window.

Download Free Total Finder Version

Here, in this section, we have presented the complete offline setup for the TotalFinder Version 1.11.8 for Mac. Download free the TotalFinder Version 1.11.8 for Mac and make your files and folders organized in a decent way so that you can find the required document without wasting a minute.

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