ICC World Cup 2024

The United States is hosting a major ICC world Cup T20 2024 for the first time, while the West Indies is hosting for the second time.

”Trinidad’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley”, has received a threat from the ICC World Cup T20 2024, which continues in the USA and West Indies from June 1 to 29, 2024. The International Cricket Counsel asserted a security plan.

20 teams are competing in the event, which consists of 58 matches divided into 4 groups. The highly anticipated game, Pakistan vs. India, is set to take place in New ”Nassau International County Cricket Stadium in New York” on June 9, 2024. The fans from India and Pakistan are excited about the big game. To see the game, a significant amount of fans are traveling to the US from various countries. There are 34,000 seats available at this stadium, with ticket prices ranging from

 A major obstacle for the hosts is the facilities:

While the Indian team has had too many privileges and protocols in the United States—hotels, meals, transport, training, and other things are all excellent—the other 19 teams have encountered too many challenges, which is not good.

ICC extends extra protocol to Indian cricket team:

The Indian teams will play their games at the same location, while the other teams will play at other locations and will be traveling excessively. The Sri Lankan team objected, citing the ICC’s injustice. They made it evident that they travel too often, but one team is allowed to practice at the same location and has access to it, enabling them to better prepare for the conditions of important games. A major difficulty that all teams have been dealing with is airline delays, which have left them waiting for their flights for six to seven hours.

Are the Indian Cricket team satisfied with the facilities?

Indian cricket team and head coach are still not happy with the training facilities. Even though their schedule is very convenient they are scheduled 7 matches in the same venue. Their training facilities and pitches are inferior, and after a few matches, everyone criticizes them.

The organizer brought drop-in pitches from Adelaide, Australia, and transformed it into a cricket stadium with a capacity of 34000 within 3-4 months. This will make the World Cup worse and may cost fans approximately $300 to $10,000.

 What’s the World Cup declining reasons?

Group stage matches begin with ease as the top teams are split into four groups. Big matches like Australia vs England, Afghanistan vs New Zealand, and Pakistan vs India are eagerly anticipated by cricket fans. The public is hoping for high-caliber matchups that could be played in this tournament’s second round.

ICC hosts significant events each year that significantly diminish the tournament’s charm.

But there are many reasons of declining the World Cup:

  • Drop in pitches
  • Weather forecast
  • An excessive number of teams
  • An excessive amount of cricket
  • Commercializing

Why Experts are criticizing World Cup 2024?

There are multiple factors from former cricket players and experts criticizing World Cup 2024 drop-in pitches, weather forecasts, and the schedule of the teams.

Who is the winner of the ICC World Cup 2024?

The majority have predicted India, England, and Australia as their favorite teams for ICC World Cup 2024. editions.

The top 4 teams According to cricket experts and former cricketers are given below:

Brian Lara

India, Australia, England and West Indies

Aaron Finch

India, Australia, England and West Indies

Tom Moody

India, Australia, England and South Africa

Matthew Hayden

South Africa, India, Australia and England

Chris Morris

Pakistan, India, Australia and South Africa








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